Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sr. Dominic Twohill, O.P., Ph.D. (1916-2001)

Sister M. Dominic Twohill, O.P., Ph.D. Sister introduced me to St. Thomas Aquinas in 1997 through her  philosophy course, "What is Truth?" at St. Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers, NY. Both Sr. Twohill and the course made a major impact on my thinking about the nature of philosophy and its enduring value to society. I took a second philosophy course with Sister that academic year since it was required for theological study in St. Joseph's Master of Arts program in Religious Studies. The lessons I learned about St. Thomas's thinking enabled me to apply his principles not only in my graduate work but also in my professional work. Who would think that my professional life in the world of work could benefit from the teachings of a medieval Catholic theologian, introduced by a Dominican Sister from the same order? Yet, I continue to apply St. Thomas's principles in my professional work without anyone knowing what drives my method or approach. 

There are few people in one's life that really make a difference.  It could be a family member, a friend, an elementary or high school teacher, a college professor, a mentor at work, or even a guide in martial arts. These people are very special because they are channels of wisdom, and all wisdom leads to the same place - happiness.  In my life, Sr. Dominic Twohill, O.P. is one of those people, and so I honor her memory and thank her for getting me on that path to wisdom through St. Thomas Aquinas.