About Me

Marvin B. Daniel Peláez

Welcome to my personal website! I am a career government economist and researcher in classical and scholastic philosophy of the High Latin Middle Ages. My academic work in philosophy helps guide my professional work in government. Contemporary understanding on the relationship between science and philosophy is that they are contrary domains of enquiry. A correct understanding of the history of philosophy and science, however, shows that science takes direction from philosophy, and always has!

My general research interests are in the application of philosophical principles to science, economics, leadership, and management. I enjoy applying theory to practice and extracting principles from practice to better understand theory.

Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius (born: circa 475–7 C.E., died: 526? C.E.) was a Roman philosopher and statesman and has long been recognized as one of the most important intermediaries between ancient philosophy and the Latin Middle Ages. His well-known work, On the Consolation of Philosophy, 524 C.E., is a classic work in Western civilization.

Like myself, Boethius was a public administrator in his time, one reason I admire his many contributions to Western civilization, and why I named my personal website, The Boethian Renewal. For more on Boethius, please access the hyper-linked web page.

My research is an important part of my ongoing personal development in both academic and professional work.